Do you remember? How you used to stand on your toes next to your mother near the sink, just so you could go through the bowl of cookie dough with your finger. Is this really only a feeling and phenomenon of the past?


Since when is baking for cookies and not for the dough?!


We, too, are guilty at Baker & Moore, and like to eat the dough as soon as a plate of cookies has to be put in the oven! But if the dough is one of the tastiest bits of a cake, why not enjoy it more directly and without worry?


That nice and recognizable feeling from the past at the kitchen table with your (grand) mother, has been recreated at Baker's Dough: imagine yourself back in that moment when you secretly dipped your finger in the bowl of cookie dough and realize that there's actually nothing more delicious than freshly turned cookie dough; feel at home in the large kitchen that characterizes Baker's Dough's house style and create your own, familiar dough creation in a hip jacket.


The dough is freshly made daily and is created from only the best organic products, in which, among other things, pasteurised eggs and heated flour play a major role.


Create Baker's Dough in 3 simple and quick steps to create your favorite Dough with a multitude of toppings and extras. Take your treat to go, join us at the table while enjoying a good cup of coffee, show your creation on Instagram or give him Cadough!


Everything is possible, the possibilities are endless...


Dough it your way! #JUSTDOUGHIT

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