why & what

About greadient.com

Greadient. A play on words. These two words combined highlight what we aim to achieve with greadient.com; a directory dedicated to helping you find those great places, events and housing rentals that add color and shine to the city. A beacon of curated light to guide you through the city. The first city up in line to get the greadient.com treatment is Rotterdam.

Types of listings

We list 3 types of listings on greadient.com, namely places, events and rentals.


Is breakfast your most important meal of the day? On the lookout for a delicious vegan burger? Places highlights the places we love, divided into categories such as shopping, food & drinks, health, beauty & spa, nightlife and active life. All listings are curated and reviewed before being published, ensuring you get high quality suggestions, whatever the activity might be.

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Looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but don’t know where? Can’t find a public space to watch the World Cup quarter final? Or simply looking for upcoming concerts? The events section showcases all of these.

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Expat about to head to Rotterdam? This is your spot to start the search. Weekend trip to ‘Manhattan aan de Maas’ with the missus? Same applies. Rentals list available properties both for long term as well as short term stays.

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